Students who are passionate about finance and culture can access professional opportunities by earning an MS in finance online degree. A master's in finance is an advanced degree focused on developing skills in financial management and analysis, investment, and managerial accounting. With a finance master's degree, graduates can pursue opportunities in business, insurance, professional services, and government.

Careers in finance offer good salaries and job stability. Prospective students interested in advancing their careers can earn an online master's in finance without ever visiting a college campus. Below, we take a look at the 25 best online programs in finance, exploring admission requirements, learning outcomes, and typical courses. Founded in as the country's first research university, Johns Hopkins University now hosts around 26, students annually. The university's Carey School of Business offers a finance master's program that degree-seekers can complete online, studying part time.

The credit master's in finance includes 24 credits of business foundations and core courses. Johns Hopkins does not offer concentrations for this program, but students can tailor the degree to their interests and career goals through electives like advanced hedge fund strategies, big data machine learning, and wealth management.

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Online courses generally follow an asynchronous format, but they sometimes include synchronous components as well. Students can graduate in two years and can access career coaching opportunities with Johns Hopkins alumni. These opportunities help degree-seekers connect with professionals at prominent corporations in the Baltimore and Washington, D. To apply, prospective students need at least two years of work experience and a bachelor's degree.

Graduate students interested in finance can choose from two online options at Boston University: an MS in financial management or an MBA with a concentration in finance. Students who choose the MS in financial management can specialize in international finance or investment analysis. The credit program covers topics like financial accounting and financial regulations and ethics. Students may also take several electives or pursue a dual degree in actuarial science, computer science, or telecommunications.

The credit MBA program follows a module system wherein students take one module at a time instead of enrolling in several traditional courses.

Modules build upon each other, covering topics like managing risk and creating value for business and society. The program features mostly asynchronous courses, although students may need to log on at specific times for certain requirements.

Most applicants to the MBA program have at least three years of work experience. The university does not require GMAT scores as long as applicants can demonstrate quantitative abilities in their undergraduate courses. Applicants to the MS in financial management must submit transcripts, a personal statement, and three recommendation letters.

A private institution that hosts over 14, students annually, Carnegie Mellon University offers an online MBA with a concentration in finance that prepares students for careers in corporate finance firms, investment banks, and Fortune companies.

The MBA program includes a STEM focus, and most students in the program studied engineering, business, or economics during their undergraduate education. The finance concentration includes courses on investment analysis, corporate finance, and venture capital and private equity.

Students culminate the degree with a capstone experience. Online learners follow a part-time schedule but take classes year-round. Although students complete most coursework online, they must attend in-person weekends six times per year at various locations across the country.

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree and submit an essay, one professional recommendation, GMAT scores, and undergraduate transcripts. Most degree-seekers enrolled in this program have years of work experience. Incoming students earned an average 3.

Located in upstate New York, Syracuse University is a private research university that hosts nearly 23, students annually. The school offers a credit, online MBA program with a concentration in finance. Students take classes on topics like financial analytics, corporate financial policy and strategy, introduction to derivatives, and investment analysis.

The curriculum also includes a culminating capstone course. If students enroll in two courses per term, they can graduate in two years.

Distance learners must participate in three residencies at various locations. These residencies last three days and function as mini business conferences.Finance is a field with many different concentrations; a comprehensive research phase is key in the process.

We selected these programs out of approximately 75 colleges and ranked them based on an industry-specific methodology model for finance professionals.

For those interested in a more comprehensive overview of online schools, visit our ranking of the top colleges online. In determining the order of this ranking, we awarded points based on relevant finance courses that compete well in job advancement or employment market point rangeaccolades or other noted recognition in the field point rangefaculty expertise with terminal degrees in the field pointsflexibility of degree track pointsquality of online resources pointsalumni success points.

An additional point was awarded for features of particular distinction. In the event of a tie in points, the school with the lower tuition is ranked higher. With 33, enrolled students on a global scale, Kaplan University is recognized for its excellent career services and flexible degree programs.

The online master of science degree alumni has available concentrations in either financial analysis or financial planning, and either selection is considered a CFP Board-Registered Program.

Among the most affordable degree options, Aspen University is particularly fitting for busy professionals who need to attend courses on their own schedule. The MBA in finance guarantees a solid foundation in curriculum related to managerial accounting, business finance, global corporate finance, and business ethics.

Aspen University has generous repayment options and most graduate with minimal student loan debt. An affordable Christian-based college, Charleston Southern University has a wide range of academic programs for those looking to further their career.

Online finance MBA students are immersed in a curriculum that includes financial planning, international business and trade, entrepreneurial finance, and much more.

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BU is known to be a supportive learning environment, with courses led by professors who take an individualized approach to learning. For over 90 years, Walsh College has maintained high academic standards for its faculty and student body.

This school seeks to produce graduates who are well-rounded individuals with integrity and strong communication skills. Walsh does not require a GMAT score, valuing more so the academic and professional accomplishments of its applicant.

Walsh alumni have shared great success stories in their career journeys post-graduation. MC operates flexibly, allowing for its degree-seekers to maintain their professional livelihood. A non-profit institution sinceNational University is a diverse school with both faculty and student body. Webster University is a small University with large academic impact on a global scale.

WU considers itself a forward-thinking institution that values diversity in both its student body and faculty makeup. Founded inFlorida Institute technology continues to receive top rankings for its academic programming, particularly in finance.

MBA finance students take a total of 36 required credits, learning the ins and outs of financial markets and institutions, strategic cost management, investment management, and much more.

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One of the most popular online degree options, Southern New Hampshire University educates over 60, students on a global scale. Either of these online finance degrees can be completed in as few as fifteen months, and course curriculum includes relevant topics in advanced economic theory, financial markets, investments, and much more. Southern New Hampshire has an excellent reputation in the world of academia, and recruiters in various industries regularly seek their graduates.

masters in finance online reddit

A private institution with a rich academic history, Golden Gate University was founded in in the heart of San Francisco. GGU is known for being particularly fitting for the adult learner, and its distance-earning options continue to expand its offerings. Online graduate degrees in finance are well-constructed to balance core requirements with specialized interests.Emphasizes computational, statistical, and econometric techniques and their role in financial decision making.

Provides strong theoretical and practical foundations in the analysis of complex financial instruments, portfolio allocation, risk management, corporate finance, company valuation, and corporate governance.

Take courses online, in person, or a combination of both with world-class faculty. Explore our part-time program. At Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, we equip our students with the quantitative and leadership skills to analyze data, learn from it, and impact the long-term sustainability of businesses around the world.

Our program builds the entrepreneurial capacity of students to comprehend both local investment environments and global financial markets.

The student handbook provides access to information about services and resources for students as well as policies and procedures. Because a career in finance requires responsibility as much as the ability to discover opportunity, our curriculum goes beyond simply learning how money and markets interact and equips graduates with a firm understanding of how to harness econometrics for business solutions. Areas of study include capital markets, financial institutions, corporate finance, and corporate governance.

Students in the Master of Science in Finance program learn from world-class faculty including Dr. Federico Bandico-editor of the Journal of Financial Econometrics, which publishes leading research on the subject of finance and econometrics. Core coursework focuses on fundamentals of valuation and analysis rooted in a practical understanding of economic and institutional forces with other topics including asset valuation of individual stocks, bonds, derivatives, currencies and other financial instruments with an emphasis on analyzing the prices of financial assets traded at competitive, liquid financial markets.

The career development team is committed to providing opportunities for you to build professional skills and competencies that are essential for a successful career search. The full-time Master of Science in Finance is for those individuals who plan to seek careers in the field of investment analysis and portfolio management. There are numerous options for financing your education including scholarships, loans, and payment plans available to those who qualify. Learn more. Discover all you need to get started on your application to the Master of Science in Finance program.

Visit the How to Apply page for more details on requirements and instructions to help you prepare your application. You are making a significant investment in your future, and we have options to assist in paying your tuition.

From scholarships to financial aid to payment plans, Carey Business School offers a variety of choices. Program Features. Cutting-edge financial planning Emphasizes computational, statistical, and econometric techniques and their role in financial decision making. Combine theory and practice Provides strong theoretical and practical foundations in the analysis of complex financial instruments, portfolio allocation, risk management, corporate finance, company valuation, and corporate governance.People choose to pursue graduate degrees for many reasons.

Some are hoping it will give them the skills and experiences needed to advance in their field. Other professionals pursue an advanced degree for the financial incentive, whether it be a higher-paying role in their current field or a new career in a more lucrative industry.

These financial benefits can be the deciding factor for prospective students, and with good reason. There are some cases as emphasized in the study where this is not true.

Many available resources list the highest-paying jobs in the country or an individual industry. If you have any questions about the programs listed below, contact a graduate admissions coach for more information.

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Growth by : 11 percent faster than average. According to U. The main responsibilities of IT managers include planning, coordinating, and directing online or computer-based work for an organization. Growth by : 8 percent faster than average. Marketing managers are known for working on the promotion of an organization, its products, and its services.

Top 30 Online Master’s Programs in Finance

Growth by 5 percent average rate. Most high-level sales managers graduate from an MBA program, most commonly with a concentration in marketing. Individuals in this position usually come from a lower-level sales background and are in charge of overseeing the sales team in their organization, as well as its various sales initiatives and processes. Alongside a high pay rate, another perk of this role is travel, which is often required for employees at higher levels.

Growth by 7 percent faster than average. Individuals in these roles should have excellent leadership and communication skills to help facilitate this work. Nursing is a unique field, in that it fits in among the high-paying medical roles—such as surgeons, physicians, and psychiatrists—without the multi-year residencies and medical degrees that are usually required to obtain those positions.

To pursue the advanced roles in this career path, individuals must obtain a Master of Science in Nursing. Growth by 17 percent much faster than average. These are registered nurses that have specialized in anesthesiology, a practice in which intravenous drugs and inhaled gasses are administered to patients undergoing surgeries or other potentially painful procedures to numb or avoid pain or discomfort. Growth by 26 percent much faster than average. Nurses in these roles do a combination of clinical work, disease prevention, and health management.

Beyond their direct clinical health work, individuals in this role are known to take part in healthcare forums, conduct research, and then apply that research to their clinical practice. In pursuit of this degree, engineers develop the business and management skills required to advance into leadership roles.

Growth by 3 percent slower than average. The primary duties of this role are to oversee activities occurring within architectural and engineering companies.Find out if you're eligible to join the online MSc Finance for the next start date.

Find out if you're eligible to join the online MSc Finance for the October start date. Just fill in the form for a quick response from an Admissions Advisor. The final application deadline for our October start date is 12th October.

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We encourage you to compare us with alternative providers and ask them the following questions to see how they stack up against our MSc Finance. Founded inthe University of Aberdeen is part of a group of only six ancient British universities. In we were named Scottish University of the Year by The Timesdue to the quality of our research, academic expertise and graduate employability. The Msc Finance is open to applicants of any background.

You can enrol even if your undergraduate degree is in a different disciplinebut it is beneficial to provide evidence of numerical or quantitative skills.

Finance Courses

You can choose to pay your tuition in one of three ways:. Depending on where you reside, you could be eligible for loan funding or other financial help.

University of Aberdeen alumni are also entitled to a discount on tuition fees. Do you have any professional or academic experience in Finance? What is your highest level of education? What is your main motivation for gaining an MSc Finance? No thanks, I'm fine. For further information on how your data is used and stored, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Course Structure Are You Eligible? Fees and Payment Options. Why Choose Us? MSc Finance. Alternative Courses.

Unlimited Tuition More info. Unlimited Support More info. Fully Flexible More info. No Hidden Costs More info.

Over 82, alumni in more than countries. Interacting with my tutors has been positive - they always challenge me to understand topics in a broader context. My experience with technical support and my programme coordinator has also been positive and helpful. The University of Aberdeen not only offers me the flexibility I needed, it also has an excellent reputation.

The support I get is outstanding. I chose Aberdeen because the university has a good name and I can study from wherever I want, whenever works best for me. It gives me the flexibility to receive a great education while moving around. What is the CFA? Videos are disabled Enable functional cookies to view Update Cookie Preferences.

masters in finance online reddit

View the video for a quick overview of the online MSc Finance programme.One of the biggest misunderstandings of the quant finance landscape is that by taking an expensive Masters in Financial Engineering MFE program from a top school it will easily lead to a high-paying quantitative trading role at a fund. In this article I want to outline why a MFE is not an ideal choice for entry level quant fund roles and discuss other routes into such careers. The first thing we need to understand is exactly what skills and methods are taught on current Masters in Financial Engineering programs.

I've had a detailed look at the syllabus content of the top MFE programs as rated by QuantNet and the topics generally fall into the categories of:. This is a well-rounded education in advanced financial engineering principles. For many roles in finance particularly investing banking and treasury departments this is an extremely useful set of skills.

However, for reasons we will outline below this is not a particularly useful set for pure quantitative trading work.

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We should also consider how the courses themselves are being marketed via the universities. Some courses directly reference quantitative funds as a potential career opportunity, while others make very little mention of the asset management industry. Now that we have an idea of what is taught on a Masters in Financial Engineering course we are going to consider how quantitative hedge funds operate so we can gain insight into their hiring process.

In order to understand why MFE courses are unattractive qualifications to quant hedge funds, we need to understand how a quant fund operates and what it looks for when undergoing a hiring cycle.

A quantitative hedge fund makes money through a common hedge fund structure known as "2 and 20". Thus it is clear that in order to survive a fund needs significant AUM and consistently needs to generate returns above some predetermined benchmark. Consistent high returns attract more investment leading to a larger "2 and 20" while poor returns lead to redemption of capital and sometimes a closing of the fund.

Hence the goal of all quant funds is to keep hunting for new strategies that provide a reasonable consistency of returns while being able to manage risk in such a manner as to avoid large drawdowns.

This motivates the need to find individuals who can "walk the walk" in the sense of being able to either demonstrate a consistent prior trading track record or a strong research record of methods that can readily be applied to financial markets such as forecasting techniques or machine learning methods to provide new strategies.

Thus it is now apparent that hiring teams of MFEs are not likely to fulfill either of those two needs, almost by definition, as they are being taught methods that are well-known within the quant trading community and thus are not likely to produce outperformance. I've actually written about this topic quite extensively before so I will point you to the relevant articles and then summarise below:.

Primarily, quant hedge funds are interested in individuals who are able to comfortably read research papers, assess the quality of such work, implement the models associated with the research and then build upon it to create profitable trading strategies. As stated above, quant funds are always looking for new methods and generally work on the bleeding edge of any research area they are interested in. Thus it makes very little sense for them to hire a large group of taught MFE students as they are often unable to tangibly demonstrate the capability to perform independent research or possess a solid quant trading track record.

The 8 Highest-Paying Master’s Degrees in 2021

This is exactly why a PhD is often a requirement at the top firms. Since the majority of quantitative trading is based on statistical learning and analysis of pricing series any background in machine learning, forecasting, time series analysis, signals analysis, complex systems or to some extent stochastic processes, is attractive. Note that stochastic calculus and expertise in it is often not as appealing to quant funds, unless their strategies directly relate to the pricing of derivatives securities.

Usually the latter is the domain of the investment banking industry rather than the asset management space. Quant funds also run extremely sophisticated IT facilities and hire strong quantitative developers to create their trading infrastructure. In high-frequency trading the lines are blurred between strategy and execution.

As such, research into Computer Science topics is highly valued. See the article above on getting a job in HFT for more information. This is not to suggest that MFEs are without merit. MFEs provide a solid grounding in financial principles and often lead to very lucrative careers in investment banking, risk management, corporate finance and quantitative analysis i.

In addition, MFE courses are a fantastic springboard into other areas of academic research such as PhD programs in finance.If you have an eye for detail and a head for numbers, there's never been a better time to pursue a career in finance. The sheer number of online programs available today can make finding the right degree a daunting prospect. The following list compiles some of the country's top online finance programs, each of which offers a mixture of strong academics, online flexibility, and affordable tuition.

While no ranking can ever be truly definitive, this list serves as a starting point to help you narrow down your options.

Programs can differ widely in terms of their academic focus, campus requirements, and educational philosophy, so it's always important to research each school carefully. Never hesitate to contact individual schools to learn about specific programs and admission requirements.

Through its business school, Johns Hopkins delivers a flexible and career-focused master of science in finance for working professionals. This part-time program helps students develop the leadership and quantitative analysis skills needed to bolster long-term business sustainability around the world. The school powers distance education through Blackboard Learn.

Degree candidates take core classes in accounting and financial reporting, business communication, and corporate finance.

They personalize their curriculum by choosing six advanced electives, with options like big data machine learning and financial crises and contagion. Students may also prepare for consultancy careers by learning about portfolio and wealth management. As one of the best online master's in finance programs, the curriculum of this degree track is aligned with knowledge standards established by the CFA Institute.

Social Media Accounts: Facebook ; Twitter. Georgetown is located in Washington, D. The school's catalog contains a blended, cohort-style master of science in finance that students can complete in 21 months. This program maintains specialized accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The curriculum includes courses like financial markets, corporate valuation and modeling, and principled financial leadership.

Students also delve into risk management, learning how corporations handle fluctuations in currency and interest rates. Candidates begin degree work with an orientation residency and end the program by completing an in-person global consultancy project. As one of the best online master's in finance programs, Georgetown operates a holistic evaluation process. Applicants should demonstrate strong academic performance, along with relevant pre-professional and career experiences.

Application materials include a personal statement, a resume, a video interview, and two recommendation letters. Credit Requirements: 32 credits for part-time students; 36 credits for full-time students. Email: msfadmissions georgetown. BU first offered remote learning opportunities in Today, distance learners can access many program options, including an online master of science in financial management ; this degree track is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Through a globally focused curriculum, candidates develop the skills needed to work in investments, corporate leadership, and multinational finance. Coursework covers topics like financial and managerial accounting, quantitative methods, and global supply chains.

Students pick from an international finance or investment analysis concentration. The latter track enables candidates to construct portfolios of different risk levels and calculate potential profits resulting from option trading strategies.

Both concentrations prepare finance students to sit for exams offered by the CFA Institute.

masters in finance online reddit

Students can further expand their education by pursuing an online certificate in areas like supply chain management and data analytics. BU supports distance learners by providing financial aid, such as the Edgar B. Pitts Scholarship. Carolina facilitates a fully online master of business administration with a finance concentration through its business school.

MBA candidates take live classes, collaborating with peers and engaging with alumni and industry experts.